About us

Labbeasy products are carefully designed by experts based on our 65+ years of experience in the educational market. Our company, Labbé, was founded in 1958 as a small but innovative family-owned publishing house and shop based in Germany and Sweden. From day one, our mission has been to provide the ultimate solution for educators and parents who want to spark creativity and learning in children.

We create high-quality, affordable and fun ready-to-use print resources that allow children to explore, discover and transform the world around them. With our new brand Labbeasy, we're excited to bring these experiences to creative kids worldwide! Join the hundreds of thousands of educators and parents who use our products to teach and create! Whether you need worksheets, games, crafts, or experiments, we've got you covered. Our products cover a wide-range of subjects and skills, from math and science to art and history. You can use our products to add creativity to your lessons, inspire your students, or have fun with your family!