Outdoor Adventures

Chestnut Figurines

This resource will show you how to make 40 different figurines with chestnuts. It's a fun activity for kids who love being out in nature!

$ 4,90
My First Prints

Dive into the exciting realm of printmaking. This guide presents 20 techniques, from cookie-cutter to cotton-bud printing, tailored for kids aged 2 and up.

$ 4,90
Leaf Arrangements

Create amazing land art with fall leaves! This resource will teach you how to collect, sort, and arrange natural materials in 45 different ways.

$ 4,90
Leaf Creations

Turn leaves into amazing creatures with this craft resource. You can use leaves to make animals, monsters, or characters with your imagination.

$ 4,90
Craft with Milk Cartons
21 inspiring milk carton crafts to make with your kids.
$ 4,90

A whirlwind of fun and learning! Learn to construct your own dazzling windmills with these 24 readymade craft templates.

$ 4,90
38 fun characters that you can print using your hands and fingers.
$ 5,40
Create your very own book of pressed plants and flowers with our printable Herbarium templates.
$ 4,40
Paper Planes

Make your own paper planes with this fun and easy tutorial. You can choose from 6 different planes for different skill levels and flying styles.

$ 4,90
Leaf Creatures
Discover our adorable animal templates to decorate with colorful autumn leaves.
$ 4,90
Leafy Hairstyles
Create funny hairstyles using leaves with our templates featuring 8 adorable children's faces.
$ 4,90