7 - 8

String Mandalas

Unwind and find inner balance with our 44 geometric mandalas. Coloring promotes concentration and calmness, making it ideal for both children and adults.

$ 2,90
One Million
Templates for a poster that illustrates effectively what a million is.
$ 4,40
Paper Ball Tracker

Unleash your inner architect with our Paper Ball Tracker! Design thrilling marble runs from scratch using paper templates and watch marbles zoom through your creations.

$ 5,40
Split Pictures

Learn about contrast and depth! This resource will teach you how to make images made by gluing paper shapes in a staggered way. 

$ 4,90
Hyper-realistic Spatial Illusions - Working With Shading

Learn how to create amazing optical effects with hyper-realistic shading. This resource contains 12 worksheets that challenge your perception.

$ 4,90
Drawing with Rulers

Fine-tune your math skills with ruler-based drawing exercises. With this resource, kids practice accuracy using rulers.

$ 4,90
Wild Creatures Sewing Templates

Embark on a sewing adventure with our wild creatures templates, designed for children 9 and up. It's a fun and educational way to develop sewing skills!

$ 4,90

Dive into the world of geometry with our intricate mathematical paper model templates, crafted from intersecting 'slices'.

$ 3,90
Slide Solids
Create impressive geometric paper constructions from triangles and squares with these templates.
$ 4,90
The Human Skeleton
Build and color your own life-size skeleton posters.
$ 5,40
Hatching after Giorgio Morandi

Learn hatching, a shading technique, with this easy and relaxing art activity! 16 Worksheets for practicing hatching after Giorgio Morandi.

$ 4,90
Math Art with Compasses and a Ruler
Learn to create stunning geometric constructions with these step-by-step worksheets.
$ 4,90
Still Life Drawing - Working With Shading

Four still life templates for practicing hatching and shading with pencils.

$ 4,40
Paper Cutting Stars

Unwrap the magic of the holiday season with our stunning paper stars. Create 36 paper stars in three sizes with ease using our fold-and-cut templates.

$ 5,40
Pin-Prick Stars

Create stunning 3D stars with ease! Print, cut, score, fold, and prick for stunning festive decorations. Assemble and watch your star shine!

$ 4,90
Paper Cutting Gold Stars

Add an extra sparkle to your holiday celebrations with 40 dazzling gold foil stars. Evoking timeless charm, they're perfect for festive decor.

$ 4,90
Small Paper Globe

Embark on a geographical journey with our 3D paper globe templates, featuring continents and countries. The finished globe is 5.9 inches in diameter.

$ 4,90
The Night Sky
Build a domed star chart showing the best-known constellations visible from the Northern Hemisphere.
$ 5,90
Large Paper Globe

Create your own 3D paper globe and learn about the continents and oceans of the world. The finished globe is 12.5 inches in diameter.

$ 5,40
Monkiri-Sakura - Japanese folded-paper cutouts
Create stunning cherry blossom designs from paper with these fold and cut templates.
$ 4,90