Fun & Games

Color-and-Collage - Superheroes

Create 12 superhero figures! Color, cut, and assemble your superhero league. Ignite imaginative play and storytelling adventures.

$ 4,90
FREEBIE: Mathematical Board Game

Discover the thrill of strategy-based board games and download the free "ACHI" game template.

Paper Ball Tracker

Unleash your inner architect with our Paper Ball Tracker! Design thrilling marble runs from scratch using paper templates and watch marbles zoom through your creations.

$ 5,40
Shadow Play - Cinderella

Enchanting Cinderella Shadow Plays! With 3 story versions and 8 character templates, create tales through the art of shadow theater.

$ 4,90

Discover 220 unique fingerprinting ideas for endless artistic fun. Ideal for ages 3 and up. Let your fingertips paint a world of imagination!

$ 5,40
Finger Labyrinths

Explore the ancient art of labyrinths! Trace them with your finger and close your eyes. This is a relaxing and brain-boosting activity.

$ 4,90
Newspaper Hats

Make your own funny hats with our folding instructions for 14 different hats. All you need is some newspaper or wrapping paper.

$ 3,90
Superheroes - Drawing game

Learn how to draw superboys and supergirls in different costumes, or play a dice game to design random outfits and have fun with superheroes!

$ 4,90
Craft Ideas with Paper Springs

Learn to craft 12 cute paper spring animals and figures with this fun tutorial.

$ 3,40

A whirlwind of fun and learning! Learn to construct your own dazzling windmills with these 24 readymade craft templates.

$ 4,90
Mathematical Board Games
Download this amazing collection of 44 board games that stimulate mathematical thinking.
$ 4,40
Paper Planes

Make your own paper planes with this fun and easy tutorial. You can choose from 6 different planes for different skill levels and flying styles.

$ 4,90
Tangram for Kids
Chinese puzzle game for constructing 36 motives from basic geometric shapes.
$ 4,90
Drawing Comics
Learn to create your own comic with these tips and templates.
$ 5,40