Birthday Fun

FREEBIE: Animal Party Favor

Make a super cute dog gift and dog garland with this free craft template.

FREEBIE: Mathematical Board Game

Discover the thrill of strategy-based board games and download the free "ACHI" game template.

Paper Bracelets
Kids are going to love making these fun DIY bracelets with our printable templates.
$ 4,90
FREEBIE: Woven Paper Heart

Learn how to make a woven paper heart, a traditional Scandinavian craft, with our free printable template.

Astronauts in Space
Templates for coloring and crafting your own astronaut world.
$ 4,40
Paper Plate Animal Masks
Step-by-step instructions for making 24 fun animal masks.
$ 4,90
Paper Beads - Kids Doodles

Craft stunning paper beads with over 30 vibrant templates. Engage kids in creativity and create unique paper jewelry .

$ 4,90
Origami Boxes

Create charming paper crafts with five designs and ten beautiful patterns. Explore the ancient art of precise paper folding!

$ 4,90
My First Prints

Dive into the exciting realm of printmaking. This guide presents 20 techniques, from cookie-cutter to cotton-bud printing, tailored for kids aged 2 and up.

$ 4,90
Paper Plate Hats - Fantasy and Fairy Tales

Transform ordinary paper plates into cool hats! Unleash your creativity with 20 whimsical designs and play in style!

$ 4,90
Paper Chain Links

Craft fun paper chains with our versatile templates. Perfect for parties, classrooms, and creative decorations. Let's start crafting!

$ 2,90
Sewn Garlands

Create charming garlands with 8 unique shapes in 3 sizes. Cut out and sew these cute decorations.

$ 2,90
Folded Letters

Craft folded letters with surprising effects. Choose from 12 cute designs, perfect for special occasions like Valentine's or Mother's Day.

$ 4,90
Shadow Play - Cinderella

Enchanting Cinderella Shadow Plays! With 3 story versions and 8 character templates, create tales through the art of shadow theater.

$ 4,90
Doodle Tangles

Unleash your creativity with Doodle Tangles! These step-by-step instructions guide you in creating captivating patterns and unique pictures through simple scribbles.

$ 4,90
Paper Plates - Animals

Create an assortment of adorable paper plate animals! From lions to ladybugs, explore a range of creatures and learn about their unique features. 

$ 4,90

Discover 220 unique fingerprinting ideas for endless artistic fun. Ideal for ages 3 and up. Let your fingertips paint a world of imagination!

$ 5,40
Cardboard-roll Creatures

Create your own animals from simple cardboard rolls. You can make 22 fun creatures and also help your kids learn about recycling!

$ 4,90
Papel Picado - Traditional Mexican Paper Cutting

Make your own papel picado with this fun and easy resource. You can create colorful and festive garlands with 16 different designs.

$ 4,40
Woven Paper Hearts

Learn how to make woven paper hearts, a traditional Scandinavian craft. This resource contains templates for 12 different woven hearts.

$ 4,90

A whirlwind of fun and learning! Learn to construct your own dazzling windmills with these 24 readymade craft templates.

$ 4,90
38 fun characters that you can print using your hands and fingers.
$ 5,40
Paper Beads - Patterned
Create your own DIY jewellry with over 100 paper bead templates and patterns.
$ 4,90
Animal Party Favors
Make super cute gifts and garlands with these craft templates for 12 animals.
$ 4,90
Princess Bookmarks
Create your own bookmarks with these printable templates with 8 princess motifs.
$ 4,40