Quick & Easy Crafts

Doodle Tangles

Unleash your creativity with Doodle Tangles! These step-by-step instructions guide you in creating captivating patterns and unique pictures through simple scribbles.

$ 4,90
Circular Paper Chains - Animals

Learn about different animals with these captivating circular paper chains. Follow the lines to fold and cut for 20 beautiful chains.

$ 4,90

Unlock the art of Japanese Monkiri, combining folding and cutting to craft geometric designs. Unfolding the paper has a real WOW effect!

$ 4,90
FREEBIE: Rainbow Paper Bracelet
Make a beautiful rainbow paper bracelet with this free craft template.
Astronauts in Space
Templates for coloring and crafting your own astronaut world.
$ 4,40
Paper Plates - Animals

Create an assortment of adorable paper plate animals! From lions to ladybugs, explore a range of creatures and learn about their unique features. 

$ 4,90
Paper Chains - Wild Animals
Paper chain templates with 10 wild animals that you can make with your kids.
$ 4,40
Wobbly-eyed Animals

Create your own cute animal collages using old newspaper. Newspaper collages are a fun way to reuse old paper and reduce waste!

$ 4,90
Craft Ideas with Paper Springs

Learn to craft 12 cute paper spring animals and figures with this fun tutorial.

$ 3,40
FREEBIE: Origami Bookmarks - Animals

Get creative with our free Origami Bear Bookmark and fold a charming corner bookmark.

Cut, Color and Glue - Vehicles

This fun vehicle resource will help kids from the age of 4 and up to explore different craft techniques and develop artistic skills.

$ 4,40
Cardboard Roll Cars

Craft a fleet of unique cardboard roll cars with road systems and signs. Unleash your inner traffic planner today!

$ 4,90
Op-Art - Paper Chains

Create cool paper chains, garlands, and mobiles with op-art! This resource contains 24 templates with optical illusions that will dazzle your eyes.

$ 4,40
Origami Faces

Enter the cute world of origami faces! With 6 delightful folding instructions, kifd can enhance fine motor skills while expressing creativity.

$ 3,90
Paper Plate Dinosaurs

Make your own paper plate dinosaurs with this fun and easy resource and learn about the different types of dinosaurs and their features. 

$ 4,90
Cardboard-roll Creatures

Create your own animals from simple cardboard rolls. You can make 22 fun creatures and also help your kids learn about recycling!

$ 4,90
Newspaper Hats

Make your own funny hats with our folding instructions for 14 different hats. All you need is some newspaper or wrapping paper.

$ 3,90
Paper Plate Hats - Fantasy and Fairy Tales

Transform ordinary paper plates into cool hats! Unleash your creativity with 20 whimsical designs and play in style!

$ 4,90
Folding Pictures

Transform simple folds into stunning symmetrical images. 20 mesmerizing cut-outs that are perfect for group projects!

$ 4,90
Paper Bracelets
Kids are going to love making these fun DIY bracelets with our printable templates.
$ 4,90
Fork-Print Animals

12 cute animal templates for printing with a fork.

$ 4,90
3D Paper Cactus Craft

Make your own paper cactus with this fun craft resource. You can choose from six different types of cactus and create realistic 3D paper pots.

$ 4,90
Craft Ideas with Pipe Cleaners

This resource will show you how to make 15 awesome crafts with pipe cleaners. It's a great activity for kids who love crafting and creativity.

$ 4,90
Origami Vehicles
Let your kids discover Origami with 8 readymade folding templates for fun vehicles.
$ 2,90
38 fun characters that you can print using your hands and fingers.
$ 5,40
Sun Catcher - Summer
Easy summer crafts for kids: 12 summer-themed sun catchers to decorate your window.
$ 4,90
Princess Bookmarks
Create your own bookmarks with these printable templates with 8 princess motifs.
$ 4,40
Circular Paper Chains - Leaves

Fold and cut 22 beautifully designed templates featuring different tree leaves and learn about nature.

$ 4,90
Leafy Hairstyles
Create funny hairstyles using leaves with our templates featuring 8 adorable children's faces.
$ 4,90
Sun Catcher - Fall Leaves
Fall crafts: Make beautiful sun catchers with 12 different leaf motifs to decorate your windows.
$ 4,90
Paper Chains - Fall

Craft charming fall paper chains with 10 seasonal templates. A quick and easy craft to decorate your windows for autumn!

$ 4,40
Sun Catcher - Fall
Brighten up your classroom with fun and colorful fall sun catchers.
$ 4,90
Spooky Bat Garland
Create your own spooky bat garland with 12 different bat templates in 2 sizes.
$ 3,90
Window Candles

Make your windows festive and cozy for winter! This resource will help you craft decorations that look like candles with glowing flames.

$ 4,40
Origami Bookmarks - Animals

Fold animal corner bookmarks and add a touch of creativity to your reading experience! If you read a lot, you need a lot of bookmarks - right?

$ 3,90
Sun Catcher - Winter
Kids will love creating these beautiful winter-themed sun catchers with 12 different motifs.
$ 4,90
FREEBIE: Snow Crystals

Make your own amazing paper snowflake and discover the magic of snow crystals with this free template.

FREEBIE: Wooly Animals

Discover the joy of yarn wrapping with this free bear template.

Snow Crystals

Make your own paper snowflakes and discover the science of snow crystals. You can use these templates to make 16 unique snowflakes

$ 3,90
Snowman Lantern

Create holiday warmth with Snowman Lantern templates! Craft charming lanterns adorned with delightful snowman and snow-woman motifs. 

$ 3,90
Paper Chain Links

Craft fun paper chains with our versatile templates. Perfect for parties, classrooms, and creative decorations. Let's start crafting!

$ 2,90
Paper Plate Animal Masks
Step-by-step instructions for making 24 fun animal masks.
$ 4,90
Easter Bunny Lantern

Craft festive cheer with Easter Bunny Lantern templates! Featuring 8 bunny designs, perfect for brightening your Easter celebrations.

$ 3,90
Sun Catcher - Easter
Decorate your classroom for Easter with fun and colorful sun catchers.
$ 4,90
Cut, Color and Glue - Easter

Unlock imaginative Easter crafts! Decorate eggs, chicks, hens, and bunnies using various craft techniques for endless holiday fun.

$ 4,40
Leaf Creations

Turn leaves into amazing creatures with this craft resource. You can use leaves to make animals, monsters, or characters with your imagination.

$ 4,90
Paper Chains - Spring

Craft charming spring paper chains with 10 seasonal templates. A quick and easy craft to decorate your windows for spring!

$ 4,40

Color, cut, and hang up 5 renowned songbirds! Perfect for young bird enthusiasts, this resource combines learning with lots of fun!

$ 4,90