Science Projects

Meganeura - The Giant Dragonfly

Explore the ancient world with Meganeura - a dragonfly with a 27.5-inch wingspan! Let your imagination run wild as you bring this prehistoric giant to life.

$ 4,40
Egyptian Gods

Learn about the names and powers of 16 Egyptian gods while coloring them in. This resource is great for kids who love history!

$ 4,90
Geometric Shapes - Polygons

Embark on a captivating journey into geometry with 20 worksheets for coloring and tessellating, while learning about polygons!

$ 4,90
The Human Skeleton
Build and color your own life-size skeleton posters.
$ 5,40
My First Book - Dinosaur-ABC
Learn the alphabet with our cool Dinosaur-ABC coloring book templates.
$ 4,90
Leaf Wallpaper

Embrace nature's beauty with an endless leaf wallpaper! Color, assemble, and create a stunning collage featuring leaves from a variety of well-known trees.

$ 4,90
Pop-Up Calendar

Craft a whimsical mini calendar with our Pop-Up Calendar templates—six cute animals make scheduling fun and charming!

$ 4,90
Year Circle

Embrace nature's eternal rhythms with the Year Circle. Craft a perpetual 24-inch diameter calendar, perfect for group projects.

$ 4,90
Blue Planet - Europe

Embark on a blue planet journey! Assemble a 38x38 in wall poster showcasing the earth's beauty and promote environmental awareness.

$ 4,90
Seasons Quadrama

Do you want to teach about the four seasons in a fun way? This 3-D display model lets you create four scenes of spring, summer, fall, and winter.

$ 4,90
Small Paper Globe

Embark on a geographical journey with our 3D paper globe templates, featuring continents and countries. The finished globe is 5.9 inches in diameter.

$ 4,90
The Night Sky
Build a domed star chart showing the best-known constellations visible from the Northern Hemisphere.
$ 5,90
Large Paper Globe

Create your own 3D paper globe and learn about the continents and oceans of the world. The finished globe is 12.5 inches in diameter.

$ 5,40

A whirlwind of fun and learning! Learn to construct your own dazzling windmills with these 24 readymade craft templates.

$ 4,90