Recycled Creations

Embroidery Patterns - Easter

Explore 8 Easter-themed embroidery templates. Craft charming decorations on cardboard or paper plates with detailed step-by-step instructions. 

$ 4,40
Newspaper Christmas Cards

Easy Holiday Crafting: Newspaper Christmas Cards with 16 Festive Designs in 2 Sizes for eco-friendly and charming cards

$ 4,40
FREEBIE: Wooly Animals

Discover the joy of yarn wrapping with this free bear template.

Halloween Paper Plate Silhouettes

Make some spooky Halloween crafts with paper plates! Cut out and glue 8 silhouettes of Halloween symbols with this fun resource. 

$ 4,40
Cardboard Roll Cars

Craft a fleet of unique cardboard roll cars with road systems and signs. Unleash your inner traffic planner today!

$ 4,90
Paper Plate Hats - Fantasy and Fairy Tales

Transform ordinary paper plates into cool hats! Unleash your creativity with 20 whimsical designs and play in style!

$ 4,90
Craft with Egg Cartons

This resource offers 20 projects, turning everyday egg cartons into DIY toys that are perfect for imaginative play.

$ 4,90
Newspaper Hats

Make your own funny hats with our folding instructions for 14 different hats. All you need is some newspaper or wrapping paper.

$ 3,90
Cardboard-roll Creatures

Create your own animals from simple cardboard rolls. You can make 22 fun creatures and also help your kids learn about recycling!

$ 4,90
Wobbly-eyed Animals

Create your own cute animal collages using old newspaper. Newspaper collages are a fun way to reuse old paper and reduce waste!

$ 4,90
Wooly Animals

Make your own fuzzy friends with yarn wrapping! This easy craft helps kids from 3 years old and above to develop their fine motor skills.

$ 4,40
Newspaper Snowflakes

Learn how to make beautiful snowflakes from old newspapers. You can follow the easy steps to cut out your own snowflakes in 3 sizes. 

$ 4,90
Paper Plate Dinosaurs

Make your own paper plate dinosaurs with this fun and easy resource and learn about the different types of dinosaurs and their features. 

$ 4,90
Craft with Milk Cartons
21 inspiring milk carton crafts to make with your kids.
$ 4,90
Paper Beads - Patterned
Create your own DIY jewellry with over 100 paper bead templates and patterns.
$ 4,90
Newspaper Christmas Decorations
Learn to make creative and fun Christmas tree decorations using recycled paper.
$ 5,40
Newspaper Collages - Animals
32 instructions for making cute animal collages from newspaper.
$ 4,90