FREEBIE: Mathematical Board Game

Discover the thrill of strategy-based board games and download the free "ACHI" game template.

Matisse - Cutouts
Create colorful collages in the style of famous artist Henri Matisse with these templates.
$ 4,90
Paper Ball Tracker

Unleash your inner architect with our Paper Ball Tracker! Design thrilling marble runs from scratch using paper templates and watch marbles zoom through your creations.

$ 5,40
Chestnut Figurines

This resource will show you how to make 40 different figurines with chestnuts. It's a fun activity for kids who love being out in nature!

$ 4,90
First Cuts with Strip Pictures

Empower little hands with essential scissor skills. Our First Cuts templates guide kids through a progressive cutting journey with captivating landscapes.

$ 5,40
Shadow Play - Cinderella

Enchanting Cinderella Shadow Plays! With 3 story versions and 8 character templates, create tales through the art of shadow theater.

$ 4,90
Finger Labyrinths

Explore the ancient art of labyrinths! Trace them with your finger and close your eyes. This is a relaxing and brain-boosting activity.

$ 4,90
Light Portals - Pin-Prick Art

This resource contains motifs from beautiful mosques, churches and synagogues that you can prick with a needle and make them glow.

$ 4,90
Split Pictures

Learn about contrast and depth! This resource will teach you how to make images made by gluing paper shapes in a staggered way. 

$ 4,90
Leaf Collages

Discover the art of leaf collages with this resource! You can follow 75 ideas and inspiration for making unique artworks with autumn leaves.

$ 4,90
Christmas Tree - Puzzle

Build a giant Christmas tree with this puzzle resource. Just color in the templates and stick them together to create a festive masterpiece.

$ 4,90
The City of Stairs - Working With Parallel Perspective

This resource contains templates for creating your own city of stairs. It’s a fun and engaging way to introduce kids to the art of perspective. 

$ 4,90
Wooly Animals

Make your own fuzzy friends with yarn wrapping! This easy craft helps kids from 3 years old and above to develop their fine motor skills.

$ 4,40
Large Paper Globe

Create your own 3D paper globe and learn about the continents and oceans of the world. The finished globe is 12.5 inches in diameter.

$ 5,40
Craft with Milk Cartons
21 inspiring milk carton crafts to make with your kids.
$ 4,90
Mathematical Board Games
Download this amazing collection of 44 board games that stimulate mathematical thinking.
$ 4,40
Simple Paper Folding

Discover Froebel's teaching methods. This resource offers 16 templates and basic instructions for crafting unique Fröbel figures.

$ 3,90
Giant Puzzle - Tree
Create an impressive tree puzzle with our readymade templates in 3 sizes.
$ 4,40
Tiny House
Build your own tiny house and learn hands on about area, perimeter and volume.
$ 4,90
6 templates for different ‘Escher-Moths’ that you can print, color in, cut out, and tessellate.
$ 4,90
Flower Bouquets
Six different bunches of beautiful flowers that you can cut out, fold, and color in.
$ 4,90
Giant Puzzle - Heart
A wonderful group project: Puzzle pieces in 3 different sizes for creating a giant heart.
$ 4,40
Create astonishing group works with 12 giant puzzle figures for coloring, math and writing.
$ 4,40
Body Art – My Hand
Templates with more than 60 motifs for body art to draw and color in.
$ 4,90
Create impressive tesselations with our readymade templates for 6 different ‘Escher-Lizards’.
$ 4,90
Clay Animals
Step by step instructions for making 16 animals from clay.
$ 4,90
Color Perspective - City
Picture templates with 8 city motifs to color and learn about color perspective.
$ 4,90
Zigzag Pictures - Best Friends
Create friendship-themed, kinetic zigzag pictures - perfect for groups!
$ 5,90
Still Life Drawing - Working With Shading

Four still life templates for practicing hatching and shading with pencils.

$ 4,40