Vincent van Gogh - The Starry Night

Dive into Vincent van Gogh's world, creating a magnificent large poster of "The Starry Night". Unleash creativity and collaboration!

$ 4,90
Doodle-Tangles - Fall

Make your own fall themed doodle tangles. Doodle tangles are simple scribbles that help you relax, focus, and create something beautiful.

$ 4,90
Doodle-Tangles - Summer

Make your own summer themed doodle tangles. Doodle tangles are simple scribbles that help you relax, focus, and create something beautiful.

$ 4,90
Pin-Prick Pendants Easter Decorations

Elevate your Easter crafting and craft decorative Easter ornaments, perfect for garlands or mobiles. Ideal for kids 3 and up.

$ 4,40
Doodle-Tangles - Spring

Make your own spring themed doodle tangles. Doodle tangles are simple scribbles that help you relax, focus, and create something beautiful.

$ 4,90
Snowman Garland

Create a winter wonderland with our Snowman templates! Craft, color, and hang for charming decor that captures the season's magic.

$ 4,40
Pierced Ornaments - Christmas Tree Baubles

Spark holiday joy with festive templates! Craft magic with kids—print, pierce and create charming Christmas ornaments.

$ 4,40
FREEBIE: Animal Party Favor

Make a super cute dog gift and dog garland with this free craft template.

FREEBIE: Snow Crystals

Make your own amazing paper snowflake and discover the magic of snow crystals with this free template.

FREEBIE: Embroidery Patterns - Robots

Discover embroidery on cardboard with our free robot embroidery pattern. 

FREEBIE: Mathematical Board Game

Discover the thrill of strategy-based board games and download the free "ACHI" game template.

FREEBIE: Woven Paper Heart

Learn how to make a woven paper heart, a traditional Scandinavian craft, with our free printable template.

Paul Klee - Castle and Sun
Great for groups: Templates for an impressive art poster after famous artist Paul Klee.
$ 4,90
Henri Matisse - The Sorrows of the King
Great for groups: Templates for a large colorful art poster after Henri Matisse.
$ 4,90
Keith Haring - Worksheets
Learn how to draw like Keith Haring with this fun and easy art project.
$ 5,40
Matisse - Cutouts
Create colorful collages in the style of famous artist Henri Matisse with these templates.
$ 4,90

Elevate your festive decor and create heavenly angels with five charming patterns. Perfect for adding joy to your holiday space.

$ 4,90
Embroidery Patterns - Halloween
Learn embroidery step by step with our Halloween-themed embroidery patterns.
$ 4,40
Paper Cutting Stars

Unwrap the magic of the holiday season with our stunning paper stars. Create 36 paper stars in three sizes with ease using our fold-and-cut templates.

$ 5,40
Women of the Avant-Garde

Uncover the Avant-Garde: Explore the artistry of 9 extraordinary women from the early 20th century. Create solo or group masterpieces with these readymade templates.

$ 5,40

Unlock the art of Japanese Monkiri, combining folding and cutting to craft geometric designs. Unfolding the paper has a real WOW effect!

$ 4,90
Origami Boxes

Create charming paper crafts with five designs and ten beautiful patterns. Explore the ancient art of precise paper folding!

$ 4,90
My First Prints

Dive into the exciting realm of printmaking. This guide presents 20 techniques, from cookie-cutter to cotton-bud printing, tailored for kids aged 2 and up.

$ 4,90
Coloring-in Pictures – Under the Sea

Underwater Wonders: Color 6 captivating sea scenes, from jellyfish to corals. Dive into a world of creativity!

$ 4,90
Folding Pictures

Transform simple folds into stunning symmetrical images. 20 mesmerizing cut-outs that are perfect for group projects!

$ 4,90
Op Art Illusions

Dive into the mesmerizing world of Op Art Illusions! Color 32 templates to create optical effects and explore perception.

$ 4,90
Pin-Prick Stars

Create stunning 3D stars with ease! Print, cut, score, fold, and prick for stunning festive decorations. Assemble and watch your star shine!

$ 4,90
Doodle Tangles

Unleash your creativity with Doodle Tangles! These step-by-step instructions guide you in creating captivating patterns and unique pictures through simple scribbles.

$ 4,90
Golden Christmas Decorations

Unwrap the magic of the season with 20 dazzling gold foil Christmas decorations. Elevate your festivities with timeless elegance.

$ 4,90
Meganeura - The Giant Dragonfly

Explore the ancient world with Meganeura - a dragonfly with a 27.5-inch wingspan! Let your imagination run wild as you bring this prehistoric giant to life.

$ 4,40
Christmas Cutouts

Festive decorations made easy: Elevate your holiday spirit with 36 adorable cut-outs. Hang, craft, or display for a cheerful holiday ambiance!

$ 4,90
Paper Cutting Gold Stars

Add an extra sparkle to your holiday celebrations with 40 dazzling gold foil stars. Evoking timeless charm, they're perfect for festive decor.

$ 4,90

Color, cut, and hang up 5 renowned songbirds! Perfect for young bird enthusiasts, this resource combines learning with lots of fun!

$ 4,90

Discover 220 unique fingerprinting ideas for endless artistic fun. Ideal for ages 3 and up. Let your fingertips paint a world of imagination!

$ 5,40
Doodle-Tangles - Winter

Make your own winter themed doodle tangles. Doodle tangles are simple scribbles that help you relax, focus, and create something beautiful.

$ 4,90
Newspaper Hats

Make your own funny hats with our folding instructions for 14 different hats. All you need is some newspaper or wrapping paper.

$ 3,90
Papel Picado - Traditional Mexican Paper Cutting

Make your own papel picado with this fun and easy resource. You can create colorful and festive garlands with 16 different designs.

$ 4,40
Light Portals - Pin-Prick Art

This resource contains motifs from beautiful mosques, churches and synagogues that you can prick with a needle and make them glow.

$ 4,90
Franz Marc - Blue Horse I

A cheerful teamwork poster that introduces your kids to expressionism, a colorful art movement! Templates for a study painting and postcards.

$ 4,90
René Magritte - Working With Positives and Negatives

Create your own surreal art with René Magritte! You can use 16 templates of his famous shapes and make your own masterpiece.


$ 4,90
Split Pictures

Learn about contrast and depth! This resource will teach you how to make images made by gluing paper shapes in a staggered way. 

$ 4,90
Georges Seurat: A Sunday Afternoon

Make a group poster of Seurat's pointillist painting and learn about his technique! Color the 24 templates to create your masterpiece.

$ 4,90
Frida Kahlo

Learn about Frida Kahlo, the Mexican painter and women's rights icon. A colorful teamwork poster that inspires your kids to work together! 

$ 4,90
Hokusai - The Great Wave of Kanagawa

Make a group work poster of Hokusai's woodcut print and learn about Japanese culture! Color the 30 templates to create your masterpiece.

$ 4,90
Wassily Kandinsky - Color Study

A colorful teamwork poster for your classroom that inspires your kids to work together! Templates for a study painting and postcards.

$ 4,90
Pop-Up Cards - Winter

Create your own adorable pop-up cards with this resource. You can color 8 templates of winter scenes that will surprise your friends and family!

$ 4,90
Hatching after Giorgio Morandi

Learn hatching, a shading technique, with this easy and relaxing art activity! 16 Worksheets for practicing hatching after Giorgio Morandi.

$ 4,90
Leaf Arrangements

Create amazing land art with fall leaves! This resource will teach you how to collect, sort, and arrange natural materials in 45 different ways.

$ 4,90