Games & Puzzles

Geometric Shapes - Animals

Explore geometry through play with geometric shapes. Craft vibrant creatures using circles, triangles, rectangles, and squares. 

$ 4,40
FREEBIE: Mathematical Board Game

Discover the thrill of strategy-based board games and download the free "ACHI" game template.

Origami Faces

Enter the cute world of origami faces! With 6 delightful folding instructions, kifd can enhance fine motor skills while expressing creativity.

$ 3,90
Shadow Play - Cinderella

Enchanting Cinderella Shadow Plays! With 3 story versions and 8 character templates, create tales through the art of shadow theater.

$ 4,90

Dive into the world of geometry with our intricate mathematical paper model templates, crafted from intersecting 'slices'.

$ 3,90
Finger Labyrinths

Explore the ancient art of labyrinths! Trace them with your finger and close your eyes. This is a relaxing and brain-boosting activity.

$ 4,90
Superheroes - Drawing game

Learn how to draw superboys and supergirls in different costumes, or play a dice game to design random outfits and have fun with superheroes!

$ 4,90
Mathematical Board Games
Download this amazing collection of 44 board games that stimulate mathematical thinking.
$ 4,40
Paper Planes

Make your own paper planes with this fun and easy tutorial. You can choose from 6 different planes for different skill levels and flying styles.

$ 4,90
Giant Puzzle - Tree
Create an impressive tree puzzle with our readymade templates in 3 sizes.
$ 4,40
Animal Tiles

Create tessellated animal designs with this cool resource. Explore geometry through playful patterns for engaging group projects.

$ 4,90
6 templates for different ‘Escher-Moths’ that you can print, color in, cut out, and tessellate.
$ 4,90
Giant Puzzle - Heart
A wonderful group project: Puzzle pieces in 3 different sizes for creating a giant heart.
$ 4,40
Create astonishing group works with 12 giant puzzle figures for coloring, math and writing.
$ 4,40
Create impressive tesselations with our readymade templates for 6 different ‘Escher-Lizards’.
$ 4,90
Tangram for Kids
Chinese puzzle game for constructing 36 motives from basic geometric shapes.
$ 4,90