Free Resources

FREEBIE: Wooly Animals

Discover the joy of yarn wrapping with this free bear template.

FREEBIE: Animal Party Favor

Make a super cute dog gift and dog garland with this free craft template.

FREEBIE: Snow Crystals

Make your own amazing paper snowflake and discover the magic of snow crystals with this free template.

FREEBIE: Origami Bookmarks - Animals

Get creative with our free Origami Bear Bookmark and fold a charming corner bookmark.

FREEBIE: Embroidery Patterns - Robots

Discover embroidery on cardboard with our free robot embroidery pattern. 

FREEBIE: Mathematical Board Game

Discover the thrill of strategy-based board games and download the free "ACHI" game template.

FREEBIE: Woven Paper Heart

Learn how to make a woven paper heart, a traditional Scandinavian craft, with our free printable template.

FREE: Little Flowerpot

Learn about flowers and their characteristics by making a realistic and colorful 3D Flowerpot with Anemones with this free craft project.

FREEBIE: Keith Haring - Worksheets
Learn to draw a dancing figure after Keith Haring.
FREEBIE: Pixel-People
Draw a pixelated hero with our readymade template.
FREEBIE: Floating Letters
Learn to draw the letter A in perspective.
FREEBIE: Jul Christmas Ornaments
Beautiful Angel ornament to pin-prick, cut out and hang up.
FREEBIE: Rainbow Paper Bracelet
Make a beautiful rainbow paper bracelet with this free craft template.