Plants & Flowers

Pop Art - Spring

Spring into creativity with our charming coloring templates, perfect for ages 4 and up. Let vibrant pop-art colors inspire you!

$ 4,90
Coloring Pages - In the Forest

Escape to the Forest: Explore 6 enchanting scenes, from woodland critters to towering trees. Let your creativity bloom!

$ 4,90
Tree Circle

Discover deciduous trees with our Tree Circle templates. Make a 21-inch poster while learning about these wonders of nature!

$ 4,90
Leaf Wallpaper

Embrace nature's beauty with an endless leaf wallpaper! Color, assemble, and create a stunning collage featuring leaves from a variety of well-known trees.

$ 4,90
Circular Paper Chains - Wild Plants

Unfold the beauty of nature! Create beautiful circular paper chains with 20 these wild plant templates. 

$ 4,90
Paper Chains - Spring

Craft charming spring paper chains with 10 seasonal templates. A quick and easy craft to decorate your windows for spring!

$ 4,40
Paper Chains - Fall

Craft charming fall paper chains with 10 seasonal templates. A quick and easy craft to decorate your windows for autumn!

$ 4,40
My First Craft Project - Paper Flowers

With this resource, you can make your own beautiful paper flowers. This is an easy and fun activity for kids from 4 years and up.

$ 4,40
Leaf Arrangements

Create amazing land art with fall leaves! This resource will teach you how to collect, sort, and arrange natural materials in 45 different ways.

$ 4,90
Leaf Collages

Discover the art of leaf collages with this resource! You can follow 75 ideas and inspiration for making unique artworks with autumn leaves.

$ 4,90
Leaf Creations

Turn leaves into amazing creatures with this craft resource. You can use leaves to make animals, monsters, or characters with your imagination.

$ 4,90
Circular Paper Chains - Leaves

Fold and cut 22 beautifully designed templates featuring different tree leaves and learn about nature.

$ 4,90
3D Paper Cactus Craft

Make your own paper cactus with this fun craft resource. You can choose from six different types of cactus and create realistic 3D paper pots.

$ 4,90
Create your very own book of pressed plants and flowers with our printable Herbarium templates.
$ 4,40
FREE: Little Flowerpot

Learn about flowers and their characteristics by making a realistic and colorful 3D Flowerpot with Anemones with this free craft project.

Leafy Hairstyles
Create funny hairstyles using leaves with our templates featuring 8 adorable children's faces.
$ 4,90
Monkiri-Sakura - Japanese folded-paper cutouts
Create stunning cherry blossom designs from paper with these fold and cut templates.
$ 4,90
Zigzag Pictures - The Four Seasons
Craft templates for kinetic zigzag pictures for children to learn about the seasons.
$ 4,40
Flower Bouquets
Six different bunches of beautiful flowers that you can cut out, fold, and color in.
$ 4,90
Flower Window Collage
Brighten up your windows with fun and colorful paper flower decorations.
$ 4,40
Sun Catcher - Fall Leaves
Fall crafts: Make beautiful sun catchers with 12 different leaf motifs to decorate your windows.
$ 4,90
Woven Flower-Basket
Cutting templates for weaving colorful flower baskets for children.
$ 3,90
Little Flowerpot
Three-dimensional flower pots that are fun to make and wonderful as decoration.
$ 4,90