Blue Planet - Europe

Embark on a blue planet journey! Assemble a 38x38 in wall poster showcasing the earth's beauty and promote environmental awareness.

$ 4,90

Unlock the art of Japanese Monkiri, combining folding and cutting to craft geometric designs. Unfolding the paper has a real WOW effect!

$ 4,90
Lines of the Stone Age

Dive into history with Lines of the Stone Age. Print, color, and bring to life 16 ancient European clay pot patterns.

$ 4,90
Celtic Borders

Create your own Celtic borders with this fun resource. You can use these borders to decorate for St. Patrick's Day or any other occasion.

$ 3,90
Light Portals - Pin-Prick Art

This resource contains motifs from beautiful mosques, churches and synagogues that you can prick with a needle and make them glow.

$ 4,90
Egyptian Gods

Learn about the names and powers of 16 Egyptian gods while coloring them in. This resource is great for kids who love history!

$ 4,90
Frida Kahlo

Learn about Frida Kahlo, the Mexican painter and women's rights icon. A colorful teamwork poster that inspires your kids to work together! 

$ 4,90
Mosaics - Greek Mythology

Learn about the ancient Greek myths and legends with this resource. You can also work in groups to create large posters of the mosaics.

$ 4,90
Mosaics - Roman Gladiators

Learn about the ancient Roman gladiators and their fights with this resource. You can also work in groups to create large posters of the mosaics.

$ 4,90
Pop-Up Card - On the Way to Bethlehem

Make a beautiful pop-up card of Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem. Learn about the story of Jesus' birth with this 3D craft.

$ 3,90
Large Paper Globe

Create your own 3D paper globe and learn about the continents and oceans of the world. The finished globe is 12.5 inches in diameter.

$ 5,40
Templates for 10 different animal collages from the Guna people of Panama.
$ 4,90
Skylines of the World - Working with Silhouettes
Create impressive collages with skyline silhouettes of twelve international cities.
$ 4,90
Giant Puzzle - Tree
Create an impressive tree puzzle with our readymade templates in 3 sizes.
$ 4,40
Body Art – My Hand
Templates with more than 60 motifs for body art to draw and color in.
$ 4,90
Zigzag Pictures - Best Friends
Create friendship-themed, kinetic zigzag pictures - perfect for groups!
$ 5,90
Greek Gods and Vases
Create your own vase in the style of antiquity and learn about greek gods & goddesses.
$ 4,90