Enchanting Cinderella Shadow Play: A Magical Activity for Kids!

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What you’ll need
Scissors, Heavy printing paper, Wooden skewers, Glue
1 - 2 hours
6 years +

Transform any room into a mysterious theater with our Cinderella Shadow Play resource! To get started, all you need is to download and print our Shadow Play - Cinderella templates.

Print the character templates on black construction paper. You‘ll still be able to see the thick black lines clearly on the black paper. You can also print the character templates on white paper and color the silhouettes black with markers or watercolors. 

Fold the page along the center line and cut out the character through both layers of the paper. Be sure to leave the gray area, which will be cut off later 

Apply glue to the entire surface of the left figure, fold along the center of the gray tab and press the right figure onto the left one. Press firmly and let it dry. Now you can cut off the gray tab. 

Use a white sheet as the stage. The characters play behind it. Use a strong lamp to cast shadows on the sheet from behind and off they go... WOW! 

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