How to Make a 3D Swallow

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What you’ll need
Scissors, Glue, Nail file, Printing paper
30 - 60 minutes
7 years +

To get started, all you need is to download and print our 3D Swallows templates.

Print out the swallow in your chosen size on white printing paper. 

Cut out the shapes along the solid lines. 

Using felt-tip pens or markers, color the wings and tail black and the head red. 

Score along the dotted lines with a ruler and fold in the shaded areas so that the numbers face inwards. 

Apply a little glue to the back of the shaded tabs. 

Glue Head 1 and Head 2 together at the tabs. The tabs are numbered 1,2,3 accordingly. 

Glue Body 1 to Head 1 and Head 2 in the order 4,5,6,7,8,9. 

Glue Body 2 to Body 1 in the order 10,11,12,13. 

Glue Wings + Tail to Body 2 and Head 1 in the order 14,15,16,17. Glue Wings +Tail to Body 2 in the order 18,19,20,21. 

...W O W ! 

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