How to Make Lovely Little Flower Pots

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What you’ll need
Scissors, Cutter, Colored pencils, Glue, Printing paper
4 years +
30 - 60 min

To get started, all you need is to download and print our Little Flower Pots templates. You can either buy the complete resource or check out our freebie version here.

Print your chosen motif on white paper.

Cut along the solid line to remove the frame.

Color in the flowers and soil using a colored pencil or felt-tip pen.

Cut slits along the black lines to the left and right of the soil with a craft knife.

Print out the sheet containing the flower pots, cut out the desired design, and color it in.

Slide the left tab of the pot through the left-hand slit and stick it down on the reverse. 

Now slide the right tab through the right-hand slit and attach this from behind. Now the pot should bulge out nicely. 

To finish, cover the back of the sheet with glue and fold it together.

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