Crafting with 12+ Year Olds

Venturing into the world of 12 years and beyond is like entering a realm of boundless creativity and inquisitiveness. Watch as their passion for crafting takes flight, guided by our templates designed to ignite their imaginations. At this age, they're refining skills like complex problem-solving, precision, and patience, and our craft templates are finely tuned to challenge and cultivate these abilities. From crafting intricate models to exploring the art of paper architecture, our templates and activities are here to cater to their evolving interests and talents with precision and purpose.


Master the Art of Shading: Still Life Drawing for Aspiring Artists!

Elevate your drawing skills with our four engaging templates that emphasize pencil hatching techniques. You'll learn the intricate interplay of light and shadow in your artwork. Explore the fascinating world of shading and transform your drawings into captivating masterpieces.

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String Mandalas

Unwind and find inner balance with our 44 geometric mandalas. Coloring promotes concentration and calmness, making it ideal for both children and adults.

$ 2,90
One Million
Templates for a poster that illustrates effectively what a million is.
$ 4,40
Paper Ball Tracker

Unleash your inner architect with our Paper Ball Tracker! Design thrilling marble runs from scratch using paper templates and watch marbles zoom through your creations.

$ 5,40
Paper Cutting Gold Stars

Add an extra sparkle to your holiday celebrations with 40 dazzling gold foil stars. Evoking timeless charm, they're perfect for festive decor.

$ 4,90