Crafting for All Ages

Crafting and creating knows no age boundaries. Whether you're 8 or 80, our versatile craft ideas are designed to fuel your imagination and inspire your hands-on skills. From simple and delightful projects that can be enjoyed with kids to intricate creations that challenge the creativity of every generation, our craft ideas cater to all ages and levels of expertise, ensuring that there's something for everyone to explore and enjoy. Crafting and creating art is a delightful way to come together.


Let the Sunshine In: Craft Beautiful Sun Catchers Together!

Sun catchers are a timeless craft for all ages. Discover an incredible array of sun catcher templates, featuring motifs for every season and special occasion. Come together, create, and watch as the sunlight transforms your art into something truly magical

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Meganeura - The Giant Dragonfly

Explore the ancient world with Meganeura - a dragonfly with a 27.5-inch wingspan! Let your imagination run wild as you bring this prehistoric giant to life.

$ 4,40
FREEBIE: Embroidery Patterns - Robots

Discover embroidery on cardboard with our free robot embroidery pattern. 

Christmas Cutouts

Festive decorations made easy: Elevate your holiday spirit with 36 adorable cut-outs. Hang, craft, or display for a cheerful holiday ambiance!

$ 4,90
Leaf Arrangements

Create amazing land art with fall leaves! This resource will teach you how to collect, sort, and arrange natural materials in 45 different ways.

$ 4,90