Doodle-Tangles - Summer

Make your own summer themed doodle tangles. Doodle tangles are simple scribbles that help you relax, focus, and create something beautiful.

$ 4,90
Hidden Object Panorama - Summer Scene

Immerse in summer joy with our Hidden Object Panorama. Color, cut, and create a vivid scene, sparking creativity for kids aged 3 and up.

$ 4,40
Paper Bracelets
Kids are going to love making these fun DIY bracelets with our printable templates.
$ 4,90
Paper Plate Animal Masks
Step-by-step instructions for making 24 fun animal masks.
$ 4,90
Year Circle

Embrace nature's eternal rhythms with the Year Circle. Craft a perpetual 24-inch diameter calendar, perfect for group projects.

$ 4,90
Paper Beads - Kids Doodles

Craft stunning paper beads with over 30 vibrant templates. Engage kids in creativity and create unique paper jewelry .

$ 4,90
Vincent van Gogh - Sunflowers

Create your own vibrant masterpiece! Color and assemble 25 templates of van Gogh's iconic Sunflowers into a stunning group work poster.

$ 4,90
Coloring-in Pictures – Under the Sea

Underwater Wonders: Color 6 captivating sea scenes, from jellyfish to corals. Dive into a world of creativity!

$ 4,90
Paper Chains - Summer

Ignite summer creativity with our fun Paper Chains resource and transform your space into a summer celebration!

$ 4,40
Craft with Egg Cartons

This resource offers 20 projects, turning everyday egg cartons into DIY toys that are perfect for imaginative play.

$ 4,90
Seasons Quadrama

Do you want to teach about the four seasons in a fun way? This 3-D display model lets you create four scenes of spring, summer, fall, and winter.

$ 4,90
Georges Seurat: A Sunday Afternoon

Make a group poster of Seurat's pointillist painting and learn about his technique! Color the 24 templates to create your masterpiece.

$ 4,90
Craft Ideas with Pipe Cleaners

This resource will show you how to make 15 awesome crafts with pipe cleaners. It's a great activity for kids who love crafting and creativity.

$ 4,90
My First Craft Project - Paper Flowers

With this resource, you can make your own beautiful paper flowers. This is an easy and fun activity for kids from 4 years and up.

$ 4,40
Ocean Creatures - Working with Depth Effects

Learn how to create the fascinating depth of the ocean, the different types of ocean animals and how colors create the illusion of depth.

$ 4,90
Safari - Working with Warm Colors

Learn how to create stunning safari pictures with warm colors, the different types of savanna animals, and the phenomenon of twilight colors.

$ 4,90
3D Paper Cactus Craft

Make your own paper cactus with this fun craft resource. You can choose from six different types of cactus and create realistic 3D paper pots.

$ 4,90
Fork-Print Animals

12 cute animal templates for printing with a fork.

$ 4,90
Wind Mobile - Hearts

Create your own hanging mobile of hearts! With 12 templates and easy steps to make colorful spinning hearts.

$ 3,90
Craft with Milk Cartons
21 inspiring milk carton crafts to make with your kids.
$ 4,90

A whirlwind of fun and learning! Learn to construct your own dazzling windmills with these 24 readymade craft templates.

$ 4,90
38 fun characters that you can print using your hands and fingers.
$ 5,40
Create your very own book of pressed plants and flowers with our printable Herbarium templates.
$ 4,40
Paper Planes

Make your own paper planes with this fun and easy tutorial. You can choose from 6 different planes for different skill levels and flying styles.

$ 4,90
FREE: Little Flowerpot

Learn about flowers and their characteristics by making a realistic and colorful 3D Flowerpot with Anemones with this free craft project.

Paper Beads - Patterned
Create your own DIY jewellry with over 100 paper bead templates and patterns.
$ 4,90
Monkiri-Sakura - Japanese folded-paper cutouts
Create stunning cherry blossom designs from paper with these fold and cut templates.
$ 4,90
Sun Catcher - Summer
Easy summer crafts for kids: 12 summer-themed sun catchers to decorate your window.
$ 4,90
Origami Vehicles
Let your kids discover Origami with 8 readymade folding templates for fun vehicles.
$ 2,90
Zigzag Pictures - The Four Seasons
Craft templates for kinetic zigzag pictures for children to learn about the seasons.
$ 4,40
Flower Window Collage
Brighten up your windows with fun and colorful paper flower decorations.
$ 4,40
Princess Bookmarks
Create your own bookmarks with these printable templates with 8 princess motifs.
$ 4,40
Little Flowerpot
Three-dimensional flower pots that are fun to make and wonderful as decoration.
$ 4,90