Crafting with 10-11 Year Olds

As 10-11 year-olds transition into the double-digit age range, they bring with them a wealth of creativity, curiosity, and a growing set of skills. At this age, children are increasingly capable of intricate crafting endeavors. Our specially designed craft templates for this age group are curated to channel their expanding abilities. From constructing detailed paper models to mastering more complex artistic techniques and projects like drawing your own Comic, our templates and instructions are designed to captivate their maturing interests and growing talents.


Get ready for a geometric adventure with Slide Solids!

These templates help you craft amazing paper polyhedrons, turning math into a creative and fun activity. Whether you're working alone or with friends, our step-by-step instructions make it easy to create impressive shapes from paper.

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Small Paper Globe

Embark on a geographical journey with our 3D paper globe templates, featuring continents and countries. The finished globe is 5.9 inches in diameter.

$ 4,90
Tiny House
Build your own tiny house and learn hands on about area, perimeter and volume.
$ 4,90
Pop-Art - Math: Fall
Playfully practice basic math operations with these 16 fall-themed math coloring worksheets.
$ 4,40
Split Pictures

Learn about contrast and depth! This resource will teach you how to make images made by gluing paper shapes in a staggered way. 

$ 4,90