Crafting with 6-7 Year Olds

At the age of 6-7, kids are bursting with creativity and curiosity. It's amazing to witness their excitement as they dive into crafting projects. Our specially designed craft templates for children in this age group are meant to foster their imagination and hands-on skills. From crafting charming animals to creating vibrant decorations, our templates are tailored to captivate their growing interests and abilities. 


Make your own Animal-Alphabet

Make learning the ABC an exciting adventure: Create awesome animals for every letter of the alphabet with our readymade templates. Color them, cut them out, and have fun arranging them into a big animal alphabet poster. 

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Meganeura - The Giant Dragonfly

Explore the ancient world with Meganeura - a dragonfly with a 27.5-inch wingspan! Let your imagination run wild as you bring this prehistoric giant to life.

$ 4,40
FREEBIE: Embroidery Patterns - Robots

Discover embroidery on cardboard with our free robot embroidery pattern. 

Coloring Pages - In the Jungle

Jungle Journey: Dive into 6 mesmerizing scenes, alive with exotic flora, parrots and butterflies. Unleash your inner artist!

$ 4,90
Christmas Cutouts

Festive decorations made easy: Elevate your holiday spirit with 36 adorable cut-outs. Hang, craft, or display for a cheerful holiday ambiance!

$ 4,90