Crafting with 8-9 Year Olds

Stepping into the world of 8-9 years old is like unlocking a treasure trove of creativity and curiosity. Witness their eyes light up as they dive into crafting projects that spark their imaginations. At this age, they're developing new skills like intricate hand-eye coordination and attention to detail, and our craft templates are tailor-made to nurture these talents. From embroidering cool robots to creating impressive artworks, our templates and activities are here to match their budding interests and abilities perfectly. 


Learn to Draw Cute Grid Animals 

Did you know that drawing animals can actually help you with math? Cool, right? These cute animals are waiting for you to draw them on the grids of your math exercise-book. It's like solving a puzzle and creating art at the same time...


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Discover our Craft Resources for 3rd and 4th Graders

Newspaper Christmas Decorations
Learn to make creative and fun Christmas tree decorations using recycled paper.
$ 5,40
Small Paper Globe

Embark on a geographical journey with our 3D paper globe templates, featuring continents and countries. The finished globe is 5.9 inches in diameter.

$ 4,90
Zigzag Pictures - The Four Seasons
Craft templates for kinetic zigzag pictures for children to learn about the seasons.
$ 4,40
Tiny House
Build your own tiny house and learn hands on about area, perimeter and volume.
$ 4,90