Leafy Hairstyles
Create funny hairstyles using leaves with our templates featuring 8 adorable children's faces.
$ 4,90
Grid Trees
Discover the captivating world of warm and cold colors through our unique tree project.
$ 4,40
FREEBIE: Keith Haring - Worksheets
Learn to draw a dancing figure after Keith Haring.
Templates for 10 different animal collages from the Guna people of Panama.
$ 4,90
Hundertwasser Houses

Create your own colorful artwork inspired by the famous artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

$ 4,90
Create astonishing group works with 12 giant puzzle figures for coloring, math and writing.
$ 4,40
Newspaper Collages - Animals
32 instructions for making cute animal collages from newspaper.
$ 4,90
Body Art – My Hand
Templates with more than 60 motifs for body art to draw and color in.
$ 4,90
Tangram for Kids
Chinese puzzle game for constructing 36 motives from basic geometric shapes.
$ 4,90
Drawing Comics
Learn to create your own comic with these tips and templates.
$ 5,40